I have had a life long passionate affair with Spirit since I was first aware of a divine conscious presence at the age of three.

I have had three near death experiences which have gifted me with the profound knowing that life goes on after death.

Giving birth to my four children was a sacred and divine experience.

Birth is one of the oldest shamanic practices we have.

I feel incredibly grateful and blessed to be able to share the divine connection that I enjoy with Spirit, with all of my clients. 

My intention at the beginning of every session is to be present with you and dedicate it to the absolute service of the highest good of all concerned.

At the end of the day, love is the greatest healing energy available to all of us. The disconnect we feel from Source, parents, spouses, family and friends lies at the heart of all dysfunction.

Psychic readings are meant to shine a light on your blindspots. It is never wise to just hand over your personal power to anyone.

Your intuitive self is what you need to make peace with and learn to truly listen and follow. Your soul knows the way even when your mind is not so clear.

Soul readings and sessions are a wonderful way to begin, enhance and support you on your journey.


Rebekah Fisher

As previously seen on Psychic Tv Australia, All About You & Psychic Tv Uk.

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