There are many ways that you can seek guidance to help you feel confident and empowered with Rebekah. She has an incredible  passion for conscious connection, personal transformation and helping others create great relationships. She loves facilitating emotional and personal empowerment whether that be through birth education and support or transformational life and relationship coaching sessions, as well as grief counselling through the vulnerability of transition during end of life.

Everyone has the ability to change their life by making different choices, however, some don’t think they do and continue to live a life that they are not satisfied or happy with. This can influence how we actually deal with our career and relationships on a day to day basis. Unfulfilled dreams can sometimes take a toll on our mental wellbeing and increase our “stress”. Due to our modern lifestyles, our exposure to stress is unavoidable. However, learning how to manage our triggers and gain some mastery of our reactions, can facilitate much better responses. When we respond from personal power instead of our anxiety, we begin to enjoy life and can handle life’s challenges with a better perspective.

Rebekah enjoys helping clients to organise their time better, balance their life and work through identifying stress triggers so they can develop the ability to deal with them. She helps them resolve and manage grievances through challenging times. Mindfulness, hypnotherapy and master coaching sessions, help clients to understand themselves, forgive themselves in order to master their anxiety so they can access their potential and create happier lives full of purpose and meaning.

Transformational Coaching

These sessions will:

  • Enable you to become aware and have a better understanding of how to adapt to others around you, or change your environment.
  • Provide you with a private space to speak freely about your challenges and deepest thoughts and desires.
  • Present you with positive feedback, which helps you to see things from a different perspective.
  • Help you get crystal clear of your goals, wants, vision and desires.
  • Help you shift limiting perceptions and gain instead, empowering beliefs with increased self-confidence.
  • Facilitate your unique self-expression.
  • Provide ongoing, short-term or long-term support to achieve your goals at your own pace.
  • Engage in ethical conversations, driven by you.
  • Work with you while you become more aware and come up with your own solutions and ideas which are aligned with your core values, deepest needs and desires.

Birth Coaching

Rebekah is a certified Birth and Post Natal Doula. She has been helped couples to create positive and empowering birthing experiences for over twenty years. She also helps you address any childhood trauma that are creating unnecessary anxiety about becoming a parent. 

  • Same principles apply with a specific focus on helping you to create the birth you desire.
  • Work with you to give you my wealth of experience and expertise in this area so you can feel fully and confidently prepared to give birth, in the environment of your choice, regardless of whether it goes to ‘plan’, or not.
  • Prepare you for parenting.

End of Life Transition/Grief Coaching

Rebekah trained as a Death Doula in 2017. A Death Doula provides emotional, social and spiritual support to the dying, and to their friends and family. In this role Rebekah can facilitate those much needed and at times uncomfortable conversations regarding death and loss. Rebekah will coach you and your loved ones through any grief that you are experiencing. It is a non-clinical role that often bridges the gap between the medical process and the dying person and their loved ones. An end-of-life plan as well as support in setting funeral plans is also given if needed.

The intention of a Death Doula  is there to carry out the dying person’s end of life wishes. Rebekah will endeavour to preserve the integrity of her clients as well as their quality of life and  well-being with compassion, gentleness, kindness and respect.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching supports individuals and couples who are experiencing challenges in their relationships.

Sessions help you:

  • Learn vital skills for relating, especially in marriages and romantic partnerships.
  • Develop conflict resolution skills
  • Offer tools to deepen connection, intimacy and pleasure.

What makes a good relationship coach?

Trustworthiness: Good coaches have empathy and respect for their clients. They maintain confidentiality, and communicate clearly whilst building trust. A good coach will create a safe and respectful space for growth and change. 

Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching involves working with a spiritual and non-denominal element during sessions. The intention is to provide guidance as well as tools so clients may find inner happiness, peace and harmony. These sessions support clients on their journey to finding their own sense of wholeness.

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