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“I have had a life long passionate affair with Spirit since I was first aware of a divine conscious presence at the age of three. I had a near death experience at the age of five and half years old.  Giving birth to my four children was a sacred and divine experience. Birth is one of the oldest shamanic practices we have. I feel incredibly grateful and blessed to be able to share this divine connection with you in the absolute service of the highest good of all concerned. ” Rebekah Fisher


Wisdom is within.  Rebekah Fisher
Wisdom is within.
Rebekah Fisher

Rebekah is an authentic, compassionate and genuine woman. Highly respected among her clients and peers, Rebekah brings awareness, clarity, direction and insight into any situation.

Renown for her grounded spirituality and genuine ability to connect, she has given thousands of accurate readings over the last 17 years professionally.

As a hypnotherapist and intuitive soul transition therapist, Rebekah is the perfect guide to release those feelings of anxiety, doubts, fear, grief, self sabotage and the old beliefs and stuck patterns that are longer serving you. You will leave any session feeling calmer, clearer and more certain.

Rebekah has an extensive tool kit and has helped her clients to transcend and transform fears into boldness, courage, love and confidence and even birth babies without unnecessary pain through hypnotherapy!

Rebekah began her career as an empath and healer by beginning a degree in Nursing which was left for the birth of her first child. A passion for birth began long before as a four year old girl, on the banks of the Sepic River.  Four children later, the degree was left for an education in Eastern Mysticism and Western Philosophy, which lasted 13 years and which included 7 years as a classically trained Vedic Indian Dancer, teacher and performer.

Rebekah has been initiated into meditation by various methods, including Osho Tradition, Holy Mother Ama and the Transcendental Meditation practiced and given to the West by the Maharishi Maheshyogi. If it was good enough for the Beatles it is good enough for all of us!

Rebekah’s love affair with mindful awareness and meditation began at the age of 19. She has a strong yogi background and has also studied pranic healing and can teach, Pre-Natal Yoga.

A regular weekly guest on Psychic Tv Australia and All About You Rebekah is currently enjoying connecting with a national audience. She has also appeared on Psychic Today in London.

Rebekah regularly attends Mind Body Spirit Festivals in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Live in studio at Psychic Tv Australia







Rebekah is passionate about life purpose, family and relationships and has helped thousands of people to find new love or renew the love they have already.


“Rebekah has empowered me to honour my own spiritual gifts and mentored me through the development process with patience and love.

Rebekah has helped ground me into a life of purpose. I feel very blessed to have been guided to meet Rebekah.

My heart is always uplifted by Rebekah’s insights and understanding. I truly needed a teacher who understood and Rebekah has answered this prayer.

I encourage shamanic healing sessions with Rebekah, channelled guidance and counselling as well as a clear and accurate tarot reading that helps empower your present and potentials for the future.

To be equipped with information that benefits our highest good is an absolute miracle. Rebekah is a sacred condu& it for this divine energy to flow through.

God bless and may your journey forward be filled with the magic Rebekah has to offer.”

Ash Wilcox


Rebekah speaking about gratitude on All About You.


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