Dear Empath, there are many ways that you can seek guidance to help you feel confident and empowered. Rebekah offers a unique opportunity for you to work with and explore personal, emotional and spiritual growth. Psychic, spiritual and tarot readings offer a deeper insight into a situation or other people’s motivations and behaviour. This can provide more awareness and understanding as well as improving relationships.

Life and relationship coaching and hypnotherapy combined with clairvoyant/psychic insight, helps you to get access to your own personal power, answers and truths. As you grow and change, your goals, objectives and intentions change with you. Rebekah is renown for her grounded approach and has real and practical tools you can use to improve and transform your life.

Rebekah was known as the ‘heart of Psychic Tv’, and is respected not only by her clients, but from her peers. She is passionate about making psychic and soul work, accessible and simple to practice. She is devoted to empowering her clients. It’s her passion to coach and mentor empathic women to create the life they dream of and achieve the things they’re passionate about.

Rebekah’s mission in life is to help empathic women to stop feeling drained and overwhelmed. She is passionate about helping sensitive souls come to terms with their own intuitive gifts and superpowers, so they can live a more soulful, joyful and purposeful life.

Live in studio.


As previously seen on Psychic Tv Australia, All About You & Psychic Tv Uk.



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