Are You In Love or Obsessed

February 6, 2023 0 By Rebekah Fisher

It should be obvious that there are basic differences between being in love or just obsessed. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Many people find themselves in relationships that they feel are loving when it’s an unhealthy obsession. Even when these people are faced with the facts, they often refuse to admit that they’re more obsessed than in love. In fact, you may be one of those people who is obsessed, rather than in love. So, if you haven’t gone completely round the bend, following are some signs that you may be obsessed rather than in love:

You flake on responsibilities because of a chance that you’ll have of running into the object of your obsession. This includes missing work, school, or other important appointments because they said they MIGHT call you, or there’s the off chance that if you stay in a certain location long enough, they’ll come in. When you miss commitments just because of your obsession, you’re only going to be sorry later in life when you don’t even remember this guy’s name.

You miss out on things that you love doing just so that you can be available in case they decide they have time to call you or want to see you. What you’re doing is putting your life on hold for another person. Now, this may be fine if you’re in a serious relationship or are married, but when this person has done nothing to show you that you mean much to them, it makes no sense for you to rearrange your life for them. You’re only missing out on a lot of fun by doing so.

Your friendships are taking a back seat to your obsession. When you’re obsessed with a person you’re dating or one that you WANT to date, you’ll tend to ignore your friends in favor of being available for this person, even when they haven’t called or made plans with you. Eventually, you’ll start driving your friends away from you because they understand that you don’t care much about them now.

If you notice any of these signs within yourself, please take note how far you’ve fallen down the Rabbit Hole. You’re not meant to stop living your life just in CASE someone decides to give you a call or suddenly shows up to take you to dinner. If it’s necessary for you to always be available on the off chance that he’ll call or come by, then it’s imperative that you get some help in overcoming your obsession. This is something that could ruin your entire life if you allow it. That’s why you need to do everything possible to move past this obsession and involve yourself in a healthy relationship with someone that wants to be with you.

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