October 29, 2020 0 By Rebekah Fisher

Change is not as easy as one thinks. Firstly, you need to feel into yourself. Secondly, don’t go into denial. Thirdly, ask yourself the question, “What will it take, to truly love myself, and let the past or whatever limiting belief you are connecting with, go?”

Activating your higher self, or authentic self and then following through with action is the key to shifting your consciousness. The universe is within you and hence why as human beings we have an incredible capacity to rise above, ascend, transform and shift our consciousness.

It takes practice and gaining mastery over that monkey mind that keeps eating the peanuts of limiting beliefs. When we access higher planes of consciousness, we become aware of our ego and it’s place in our life. Our ego’s are not the enemy, we wouldn’t have a body if we had no ego. It is about making it work for you, rather than against you.

The enlightened mind is reasonable, encouraging, empowering, loving, discerning and wise. It will direct the ego, it will rise above any limiting beliefs because it will see them for what they truly are. It knows that you are infinitely wiser, connected and more powerful than you think, or have been led to believe.

The enlightened mind is not ethereal, floating somewhere out there in the Universe, it lies within you. It is your free will conscious choice and your birthright. The enlightened mind doesn’t go around calling people names, bellowing conspiracies and making harsh judgements. It bears witness to all that you are and all that you are not.

Being mindful is not a new age practice. It is an ancient tradition that was gifted to us to know ourselves, to detach from anything that is limiting and untrue. It is not to indulge our flights of fancy, nor negate our attachments that are no longer serving our higher good.

Being mindful goes hand in hand with change. It is lamppost that lights the way in the dark. It leads us home to our truths, shows us our deceptions, illusions, feelings and thoughts.

To change we need discipline as well as willingness to do the work that is required. This very real reality is why so many turn away from the path. Gaining mastery over our minds and emotions is one of the most spiritual things that you can do. Being of service to others, is your Dharma. The rising above your karma.

As a little girl in the Highlands of PNG, the natives of that land knew I could ‘see’. They talked to me of the ‘spirit’ that was within everything, because they knew I could see, sense and feel it. So I learned, that the Universe as much as it is out there, is within everything, including me. My spirit was inside me. This ‘spirit’, was the witness to everything that was real and unreal about me. Then as I grew older, I began to believe what my teachers said, or parents, or my ex husband, and I got confused and doubted what was real about myself.

In sitting with myself and feeling like I needed and at times still do, need to change something, I know that it is not the Witness that needs to change, but the limiting beliefs that somehow became real, need to be let go.

Change is a lot about letting go. Letting go of what isn’t real and acknowledging the truth about what is.