Divorce & Separation

July 9, 2021 0 By Rebekah Fisher

Divorce or separation can certainly be a challenging time. We can feel blame, or shame or confused even though perhaps it was our call. There may also be children involved, adding further to some very complex and intense feelings. 

The journey of separation or divorce can also feel incredibly lonely at times as we learn to trust in our abilities and ourselves again. This especially is true for those recovering from domestic violence or abuse. The power struggle is real. The grief, confusion and rejection can undermine your self-esteem. If you were not feeling very worthy to begin with, then it can take some time before you are ready to enter into a relationship again.

Discovering new ways to take care of ourselves can be as exciting as it scary, and yet there is no going back. When we are honest with ourselves and face the truth and reality of our feelings, new possibilties present themselves in unexpected ways.

Resistance is a part of change it isn’t all negative. It can be a great teacher. Resistance is asking us to consider our options more carefully.  Resistance can be creative and when embraced enables us to slow down or blaze full steam ahead in our own time.  

When we trust ourselves we don’t feel alone. When we face our fears and let go, we are integrating our past with our present. Patience is required, that ability to bear what is going on around and inside of us. True patience only graces us with her presence once we have sat with what our heart really wants. Sometimes what is discovered is not a person or a thing, but a feeling that is nurturing and giving.

What are you going to give to yourself today?