Mindset Matters

February 11, 2020 0 By Rebekah Fisher

We all get stuck at times. For mental wellbeing, it is important to remember, that we are in charge of our mindset.

As a hypnotherapist, people have come to me to help shift their old patterns and limiting beliefs. From birthing babies, not wanting to repeat family patterns or birth with fear, to anxiety and depression.

What I have learned in nearly twenty years of professional practice, is that the best thing about our mindset, and our habits, is that we can change them!

One of the challenges to shifting perspective is mood. Emotions play an integral and influential role in the creation of our beliefs.

You can affirm until the cows come home, yet if you aren’t feeling it, there will be resistance to change.

Sometimes, just acknowledgement eases the process. It takes practice, awareness and consistent effort to shift the very thing, that has been there, often since childhood.

If these patterns are not shifted and the mindset addressed, then other people will define your life for you.

These five tips below will help you to master your mindset. You can start them right now, today. Write them down, in your journal, in your diary or a post it note, stick it on the fridge or somewhere you can see it every day!

I used to get some of my birthing clients to cut out a 10cm round circle and write their birth affirmations around it. It represented their goals and some women put them on the fridge, their bathroom mirrors and some even, all around the house.

Get creative with it. We need reminders to trigger our brains to practice in the beginning. After a while, it just become second nature.

Five Tips to Master Your Mindset

  1. Let the past go! It doesn’t define you!
  2. Acknowledge when the old rises, drop it like a hot potato and instantly affirm the new.
  3. Create the space. Your environment matters as well as the company you keep.
  4. Set your intention. Goals give you direction and purpose.
  5. Gratitude. Practice every day. It transforms all negative and intense emotions into willingness and openness. It diffuses resistance.

My favourite five aromatherapy oils for mastering your mindset are:-

  1. Peppermint opens the mind. It releases stagnant energy.
  2. Ylang Ylang connects the mind and heart.
  3. Myrrh is nourishing and stabilising.
  4. Juniper Berry releases fear and helps you to feel good without guilt.
  5. Cypress opens your soul and shifts the stagnant energies that are holding you back.

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