Calm Hypnobirthing Package


Calm Birthing Hypnosis.

Six empowering one and half hour sessions.

Build emotional and mental strength and confidence.

Product Description

During these six hypnobirthing sessions you and your partner will learn invaluable tools to give birth calmly and safely within any environment. The beauty of hypnotherapy is that it truly does empower both parents with confidence. You will feel well prepared mentally and emotionally, regardless of whether it is your first birth or consecutive.

Calm relaxed and informative sessions  with an experienced child birth educator and doula. Rebekah has given birth naturally herself four times.  She has helped thousands of couples create positive and happy birthing experiences.

Sessions are an hour and half in duration and will cover comprehensive childbirth education regarding the process of labour, giving birth and early parenting.

Hypnosis sessions are also beneficial in creating and maintaining a wonderful heart connection with your child and partner.


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