Shamanic Journey Sessions

$250.00 $190.00

Shamanic Journey Sessions


Shamanic Journeying

“The shaman is a self-realized person. She discovers the ways of Spirit through her inner awakening.” ― Alberto Villoldo.

In these sessions you will receive:

• The opportunity to explore the unique practice of journeying to communicate with your higher self, power animals, spirit guides and guardians angels.

• Guidance and support to connect to your power centre and authentic self.

• Insight into the importance of psychic protection.

• The tools needed to strengthen your energy boundaries and your ability to psychically protect yourself.

• The inspiration of the medicine drum to help open your heart chakra and increase your concentration during your journey.

• A unique opportunity to experience how a medicine drum can be used for energy clearing and healing.

These sessions have been consciously created for anyone who is interested in exploring the unique practice of journeying to connect to the divine and ground you in your physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Shamanic journeys will awaken and empower you in magical ways.

Investment $250.00 for 1.5hours.






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