Rebekah Fisher

Celebrity National/International Psychic

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Naturally gifted and empathic from childhood, Rebekah was aware of Spirit, Energy and those that had passed over. Rebekah intuitively reads oracle and tarot cards as well as the Native American Indian Medicine Cards to give you guidance on children, health, loved ones, relationship, work and spirituality.

“Wonderful! Rebekah was such a delight.
I look forward to going back soon” – Laurin.

About Rebekah

Rebekah is a Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient Medium and Empath.  Being a channel of Divine Spirit, she receives clear messages from loved ones that have passed over as well as Spirit. Rebekah also works intuitively with the Tarot during her readings to predict future outcomes. Rebekah has been using the Tarot for 30 years both personally and professionally as a tool for divination. Rebekah enjoys the depth and archetypal energies that the tarot can bring to a session.

Her readings are comprehensive and holistic. She is grounded, to the point as well as accurate. She will answer any questions you have or give you a general overview regarding your situation. Known for her expertise in the area of Relationships and the heart, as a medium Rebekah is also able to bring through messages of guidance from your loved ones that have passed over.

Rebekah has been using Hypnotherapy both professionally and personally for 15 years. The results are amazing! Hypnotherapy is a safe way to release anxiety, fear, phobias, self limiting and negative beliefs or old habits. You are able to effectively let go of the past and embrace the positive qualities you wish to embody with strength and courage. Personal transformation doesn’t have to be traumatic! The power of self belief and conviction can be yours after only 6 sessions!

Rebekah is also passionate about women and their partners giving birth feeling connected and empowered. She has been dedicated for over 24 years, to creating calmer, safer, more natural and loving birthing experiences through Comprehensive Childbirth Preparation Classes, Birth Trauma Counselling & Experienced Doula Service, Birth Hypnosis, Natural Childbirth, C-Section Preparation & Post Natal Doula care.

Rebekah is committed to meeting your needs in an authentic and compassionate way. As a result, a high percentage of her business is from repeat customers and referrals.

“Very insightful and a great service, as advertised and well conducted” – Kath