I am grateful for the feedback and support from my clients. Their testimonials allow me to continually improve my services and provide the best possible experience. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with me.  I appreciate your trust and confidence in my service. 

“Having a coaching session with Rebekah helped me understand why I felt so blocked and unmotivated. I felt heard and not judged in the slightest. I now feel like I can move forward and achieve some new goals that we set.”

Elizabeth B.

“Working with Rebekah helped me understand the challenges I have been experiencing in my relationship. I felt really supported throughout the process. I now feel like I know myself and my partner, better!”

Christina D.

“Rebekah is such a supportive part of my life. Her readings are accurate, and provide a safe place. I’ve been speaking with Rebekah for over 10 years. She is real, sincere and kind. Highly recommend.”

Vicki Tirendi

“Rebekah has empowered me to honour my own spiritual gifts and mentored me through the development process… with patience and love. She has helped ground me into a life of purpose. I feel very blessed to have been guided to meet Rebekah. My heart is always uplifted by Rebekah’s insights and understanding. I truly needed a teacher who understood and Rebekah has answered this prayer.

God bless and may your journey forward be filled with the magic Rebekah has to offer.”

Ash Wilcox

“Rebekah is a genuine woman and I felt really seen and heard during coaching sessions. She helped me understand how my anxiety was creating a false narrative that kept me in a lack of confidence. She empowered me to master my anxiety and improve my ability to communicate better in relationships. I also have since found a good partner who respects me. I am so grateful to Rebekah for helping me break some old relationship patterns.”

Anna L.

“I first connected with Bek a number of years back when she was on the wonderful Psychic TV show. I love her caring/nurturing energy/nature. She helped me guided/find the love of my life (who I’m now engaged to,) after constantly hounding her each week with love readings! I cannot recommend Bek highly enough to anyone who would like spiritual guidance. I will continue to connect with Bek. 

Thank you Bek! 🙏🏼”

Jarrod Nash

“Rebekah has been in my life for almost ten years. First meeting was when my brother passed away. From that moment I knew Rebekah would play an important role in my life. From spiritual guidance counsellor, relationship coach, doula trainer, birth support and mentor, she has helped me with integrity and grace. She gives 100000000% … she gives full heart and pure intentions and never half asses anything. She is the meaning of ANGELIC …..

No words can honestly describe her and I am thankful a thousand times over to her. She is one in million. I love her. And I’m sure so many fell the same for her.

Thank you Rebekah, for all you have done for me over the years and what you continue to do!!!!!”

Michelle Vella

Rebekah has hypnotised me many times and healed so much of my past trauma. Rebekah is honest, real, wonderfully caring and the best psychic I have ever worked with. After I leave each session I feel empowered, strong and feel a wonderful energy around me. She has shown me a spiritual realm beyond the imagination, and I am forever grateful.”

Beca Patterson

“Rebekah is an extraordinary coach and hypnotherapist. She brings extreme compassion and nurturing to her sessions. As a mentor she has guided me early on my spiritual path to step into my powerful awakening. If you are look for a generous and powerful teacher, Rebekah would be the perfect guide for you.”

Sheila V

“Thank you so much Rebekah for supporting me through the death of my mother. It was a very challenging time emotionally for myself and my family. You were an angel and made the whole transition and handling my grief much easier.”

Jane P.

I went from a tarot reading, to coaching sessions that have changed my life. This woman made more sense than my psychologist. Unpacking the shame I felt after a toxic relationship. I have stopped blaming myself, feel happier and more confident.

Paula G.

I’ve been one of Bek’s supporters & clients for a few years now. She is a genuine person who is very spiritual and caring with emotional intelligence. She is down to earth with a great sense of humour.

Darren Kelly

“Having a relationship coaching session with Rebekah helped me see my relationship through new eyes. I was able to release some resentment and find my way back to my partner with a deeper understanding.”

Mary P.

Having a session with Rebekah is like having a long hug in a room full of love and angels.  I cannot recommend having a session with this wonderful woman highly enough and I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone that needed some guidance or hypnotherapy,
Vicki L.