Yoga for your Heart, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

May 14, 2014 0 By admin

Yoga for your Heart, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.

“Your spirit as a women has all the knowledge you need to give birth and nurture your child. It is in your genes, it has been with you since you yourself were conceived. You can trust its wisdom”. – Gurmukh Khalsa

YogaThrough yoga, one can truly feel and appreciate the life-force flowing within us and all around us. Yoga helps the pregnant woman to embrace giving birth whilst feeling strong and supple in her body. With her open heart, she is more willing to surrender to the energy and power of birth than most.

Union is our natural state and pre natal yoga can open your mind, body and heart to experience this blessed state whilst giving birth.

At the very least, it will give you real tools to increase stamina, enables you to trust in your body and encourages you to focus and then let go of the fear whilst giving birth.

Pre and Post Natal Yoga for mums supports the healthy, balanced lifestyle one needs in order to meet the challenges of parenthood. The grounding practice of yoga, also provides a framework for dealing with the turbulent emotions of pregnancy, impending motherhood and motherhood. Women leave the classes, feeling calmer, more relaxed and centred. It builds courage and confidence and in that way yoga classes are the perfect way to prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for birth and motherhood.

From the moment we conceive, mothers begin the journey into unconditional love. The practices and techniques of Yoga enhance a mother’s health, support and nurture her heart and quality of her life. Yoga wholeheartedly supports her to be a source of inspiration and strength for her family.

Happy birthing!