Urban Angels Mini Online Course


Urban angels two hour online course helps you to align, ascend and integrate the Angels blessings into your daily life.


Urban Angels

“We are never alone in the divine sense. Angels are always there, even when we feel like everyone has gone away. Through my darkest hours, they have always come to show me the Light. The Angels have shown me, that I am the Light that I seek.” – Rebekah Fisher.

Rebekah has created this course to give you wings! Don’t you feel it is time to rise above and say goodbye to what you feel is holding you back?

When we begin to work with the angelic energy, we feel empowered! Did you know that there is an angel that you can call upon, for just about any problem in life?

You can work with the Angels to heal, empower or manifest. As you begin to commune with the Angelic vibration, you will feel protected, safe and more aligned to your soul’s purpose. 

Angels are the divine guardians, messengers and healers. When we call upon them, they help us in all sorts of amazing ways.  

Urban Angel Mini Course

During this two hour introduction online class,  Rebekah will facilitate your alignment with the Angels. 

She will teach you how to communicate with this heavenly bodies of Light.

Rebekah will begin the session with a mini angel card reading you.

There will be tips, processes and guided meditations to facilitate a deep connection with the divine.

If you are ready to ascend, then this two hour online course is for you!

Invest in your soul’s growth now and receive some bonus gifts absolutely free! 

Bonus gifts 

  • Mini Workbook.
  • Urban Angel Meditation Recording.

Once you have purchased the course, you will receive an email with links to access your course.


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