About Rebekah

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Rebekah's story

Rebekah has been working professionally in the Wellbeing Industry for over twenty years.

She has worked as a doula, childbirth educator, hypnotherapist, psychic medium and tarot reader. 

Rebekah has been passionate about mindfulness, meditation, psychic, spiritual and personal development for over thirty years. 

Rebekah is mother to four beautiful human beings and currently lives with her soul mate and life partner in Sydney.

Rebekah studied first studied mindfulness and eastern philosophy with the Practical School of Philosophy, Sydney in 1989. She was both a student, mentor and tutor.

Rebekah trained as a classical Indian dancer from 1994 until 2003. She performed for the King of Rajasthan as well as taught at John Colet Primary School from 1996 to 2002.

Rebekah is grounded in spiritual discipline and has trained to become a life coach, birth doula, death doula and hypnotherapist.

Rebekah is renown for her compassion, emotional intelligence and is respected not only by her clients, but from her peers.