Doula (Birth Support) Service

Doula Service

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

How to create the birth you desire.

Birth is one of the strongest forces you will experience. A doula is your personal guide to giving birth. A doula will support both you and your partner, to create the birth you desire.

Birthing with awareness creates a beautiful deep bond between mother and child. The more connected to your baby you are, the easier it will be to give birth, feeling safe. A doula will help you birth with strength, love and awareness. She will support the emotional bond between you and your partner. What an amazing beginning to the journey of parenthood!

I found personally that in surrendering to this force that it actually took care of me and my baby and it was literally like riding the waves. Sometimes there was even the experience of being able to just float on my back for a while and enjoy the sensations. Our bodies are more powerful than we can ever imagine. As women, we just need to believe and gather the right support around us to make it happen.

What is a doula?

Pronounced “doo-lah”. It is a greek word that means to be of service too and ‘mothering the mother’. Also known as a birth attendant or birth support person.

A doula provides professional, continuous, non-medical, emotional, physical and spiritual support to the birthing couple, or woman. This support covers the pre natal and post natal period, as well as labour. Women have been supporting women throughout birthing history.

A doula will accompany women and their partners in labour to ensure an empowering and satisfying birth experience. A doula understands the demands placed on the couple as well as provide any necessary information that facilitates the informed decision making process that is required, when births do not go to plan. They work with the hospital staff and midwives to achieve the most positive outcome possible for the birthing couple.

A doula will meet with you and your partner to become familiar with your wants and wishes. These pre natal meetings include birth plans, breathing preparation as well as a pain management plan.

As a doula I provide reassurance, make suggestions for labour progress and management. I also assist with relaxation, massage, positioning and other comfort measures and birth techniques.

Bonnie’s birth was an absolute joy! Thank you so much for supporting and encouraging us. We felt so guided by you and we had learnt a lot and become much closer as a family.” – Rebecca, Aaron, Madeleine & Bonnie.



The joy of motherhood and natural birth. Harry my son.

 I am passionate about the birthing process. I have actively devoted myself to the tapestry of birth for 31 years as a Mother of four children, a Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula, and Hypnotherapist. It has been an honour ensure that both mum and dad feel aware, calm, well prepared and enjoy the best possible outcome for baby and themselves.

“You are an angel. Thank you so much for helping Bowie come into the world. It was the most intense amazing experience either of us have ever had and we know it wouldn’t have been as beautiful without your loving presence.” Fiona & David

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