Creative Birth Program

Unleash the Power of Hypnotherapy Birth Training in Just Five Weeks!

Elevate your expertise and divine into a transformative journey with my comprehensive five-week Creative Birth Training Course. Become a certified expert in guiding expectant parents through the incredible journey of childbirth using the potent tools of Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy.

My course goes beyond traditional hypnotherapy. Master the art of blending childbirth education, mindfulness, breath-work, hypnotherapy and birthing expertise to guide your clients through a holistic journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just starting out, this course equips you with the skills to lead workshops, classes, or one-on-one sessions. Launch yourself into a fulfilling career shaping the future of childbirth.

I will share with you my signature processes and techniques that will empower your clients to create the positive birth experiences they desire, including a Caesarean.

You will learn how the body creates its own natural relaxant (oxytocin) during labour.  Hypnosis can deepen the experience of relaxation and increase the capacity for parental bonding.

You will discover processes that will reduce anxiety, enhance relaxation, and foster a positive mindset for an unforgettable birthing experience. 

Included in the course is are:

  • Comprehensive Childbirth Workbook that you can share with your clients.
  • Weekly notes outlining what to teach in each of the five sessions, including scripts.
  • Breathing techniques 
  • Access to my library of scripts
  • Marketing Tools
  • Sessions are conducted on Zoom.
  • Sessions are recorded for life-time access.

Master the mind-body connection to guide clients through self-discovery and empowerment for a holistic birthing journey.

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