Harnessing Intuition: A Multifaceted Approach to Healing and Guidance

February 21, 2024 0 By Rebekah Fisher

I often get told to ‘niche’ down. I find this a challenge because at the heart of all my work, lies the gift of intuition. In the realms of tarot readings, doula work, coaching, and hypnotherapy, the role of intuition is paramount. As a psychic medium, I’ve come to understand the profound impact that intuitive guidance can have on these practices. It’s not just about interpreting cards or facilitating birthing experiences; it’s about tapping into the deep well of intuition to guide and support individuals through transformative journeys.

Tarot readings serve as a gateway to the subconscious, offering insights and perspectives that may not be immediately apparent. While the cards themselves provide a framework for interpretation, it’s the intuitive connection that breathes life into the reading. As a psychic medium, I’m able to tune into energies beyond the physical realm, allowing me to glean deeper meanings and messages from the cards. This intuitive insight adds layers of depth and clarity to the reading, empowering clients to navigate challenges and embrace opportunities with confidence.

Similarly, in my role as a doula, intuition plays a crucial role in supporting expectant parents through the birthing process. While medical knowledge and practical skills are essential, it’s the intuitive understanding of a mother’s needs and emotions that truly fosters a sense of trust and security. By attuning myself to the energy of the birthing environment and the individuals involved, I offer personalised support that honours the unique journey of each family. Whether it’s providing comfort during labor or offering emotional guidance in the postpartum period, intuition allows me to anticipate and address the needs of both mother and baby with compassion and sensitivity.

In the realm of coaching and hypnotherapy, intuition serves as a guiding force in facilitating personal growth and transformation. While traditional coaching techniques provide structure and direction, it’s the intuitive insights that illuminate the path forward. By tuning into the subconscious mind, I can uncover underlying beliefs and patterns that may be holding clients back from realising their full potential.

Whether it’s guiding them through visualisation exercises or facilitating hypnotherapy sessions, intuition allows me to tailor my approach to meet the unique needs of each client, empowering them to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

At the heart of my work lies a deep reverence for the power of intuition to heal, guide, and transform. Whether I’m conducting a tarot reading, supporting a family through childbirth, or facilitating a coaching session, my intuitive connection serves as a compass, guiding me towards the most effective and compassionate course of action. By honouring the wisdom of the subconscious mind and the interconnectedness of all beings, I strive to create sacred spaces where healing and growth can flourish.

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