When one is focused and in tune with the rise and fall of its flow, we feel an incredible connection with the natural process of labour. One does move beyond anxiety, fear and pain. In order to do this we need a deeper understanding of ourselves and the whole labour process. Part of the understanding is reached within the experience of labour itself, where we do discover the qualities of courage and strength that are needed to rise above our own or others, apprehensions and fears. Giving birth is not just a physical and mental process, it’s also an emotional journey that when we are connected with the richness of it we can easily and graciously allow our bodies to open and experience the beauty and power of giving birth naturally. Having an understanding of birth procedures and technology shouldn’t lull you into thinking you understand birth. The profound mystery and spirituality of birth can never be understood by the mind, they are known through the heart.The medical process of labour can separate a woman from herself, preventing the deeper connection required to allow this natural creative force to flow freely and naturally. Each woman will and does experience this in her own way. The medical profession are trained to treat birth as a disease, something that requires management. It is protocol driven. For a woman to birth naturally, to enjoy or feel proud of herself, she needs to be able to embrace wholeheartedly energy of birth without interference. A woman needs to understand how if she is choosing to birth within the medical environment, to instinctually give birth within its structures. Having a doula supports the natural process. Studies have show that a presence of a doula reduces the risks of intervention. Hypnosis can assist you in clearing unnecessary anxieties and fears, it also greatly assists a woman in finding and maintaining deeper states of relaxation throughout the labour. Hypnosis enables you to focus your mind and go within to find your birthing breath, as does yoga. Yoga also prepares you for working with and trusting in your body’s ability to open easily.

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