The Power of Positive Thinking For Giving Birth

May 15, 2014 0 By admin

Positive ThinkingIts normal to feel a level of anxiety around giving birth. Especially if it is your first baby as birth is an experiential experience and it is different for each and every woman.

Every uplifting thought you entertain, attracts the feelings and states of being that you want to experience.

The more we practice thinking positively, the deeper our level of happiness becomes. What we believe, think and feel creates our reality.This equally applies to giving birth. Reinforcing positive attitudes and thinking around birth ensures an empowering experience. It is also an integral part of good birth preparation.

Having a positive attitude for the birth of your baby, increases your ability to relax into the process. Learning to relax is essential for an easier, calmer and more enjoyable birth as the thought of labour does really bring up anxiety and fear in many women.

It is the fear that creates unnecessary tension in the body, which on the day of giving birth if there is too much fear in the body, then your body will create too much adrenalin. Too much adrenalin in the body inhibits the natural process or flow of labour. A woman will feel the contractions more acutely and her body will tense up, therefore slowly down the process of labour.

Those women who can relax into their labour, have shorter ones, use less or no drugs and some actually experience no pain at all.Relaxing into labour helps a woman to conserve her energy. It promotes good efficient blood flow rather than when there is too much tension the body thinks that it needs to flee and run away from something dangerous and therefore blood is taken away from the uterus where it is needed and pumped into the arms legs and heart to facilitate the body’s need to ‘run’.

The baby receives more oxygen when a woman is relaxed and uterine muscles will work more efficiently to bring your baby out of your body and into your arms. It increases your ability to bond with your baby through the birth as you are more focused on your body and your baby.

You will not feel so exhausted after birth and therefore supports deeper bonding and decreases the risk of post-natal depression.So try some of the affirmations below, increase your confidence when you have an anxious or doubtful moment and happy birthing!!!

I am safe.
My baby is safe.
My body was made for this.
I trust in my body’s ability to give birth with ease.
My body knows instinctively what to do to birth my baby with ease and joy.
I love and accept my growing body.

© Rebekah Fisher