The Path of Meditation

July 21, 2021 0 By Rebekah Fisher

“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.” – Hafiz

When you were a child, it was easy to just be. As an adult, inner delight and spontaneity can be taken over with responsibility and the search for satisfaction, outside of ourselves. Life for many currently feels disturbing, not to mention uncertain and unstable. The path of meditation provides essential restoration to our inner equilibrium. It powerfully returns us to the sovereign seat of our soul.

Many of my clients want to experience contentment and inner peace. They are searching for the deeper significance of their lives. They want to discover the purpose of their existence. Many have shared a strong desire to pursue their daily affairs with confidence and happiness. They also want to grow and evolve spiritually, as well as awaken their intuition and any psychic abilities that they may have.

Meditation is the path to awakening. It provides a practical way to develop oneself, mentally, emotionally, psychically and spiritually. Learning meditation does not require that you learn countless skills and techniques. Neither does it mean that you have to change your religious or spiritual convictions.

“I tend to be introverted and thoughtful. Sometimes, I have felt my mind has too much energy: everything is noticed – a facial expression, a sigh, a leaf falling from a branch. My mind continually analyses and seems to be tense like a clenched fist. Meditation has helped me to learn to relax, physically, mentally and spiritually. I seem to have an increasingly deepening awareness of life, without being overwhelmed or frightened by it… I have also noticed that my mind is becoming more discriminating about which thoughts to ‘think out’. Now any thoughts which are harmful or full of anxiety I gently ‘let go’. This has meant an enrichment of my spiritual life.” – Sales Manager – Publishing.

Meditation is not a new age concept. It is an integral part of the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, African, Native American and Pagan traditions, to mention a few. Techniques do vary accordingly, however, at the heart of meditation lies unity. The experience of meditation unifies us beyond the diversity of beliefs, through its intention for self-realisation and the development of human potential.

The way of meditation helps you to open up to each moment of life with a calm, grounded and centred awareness. It will help you to realise your inner strength and soul’s resilience. It enables emotional presence and engagement in daily life, which creates deeper levels of joy, purpose and belonging. It opens the heart whilst cultivating intuition. It blesses you with an organic connection to spirit and universal energies.

Regular practice provides clarity of mind, peace of heart and a deeper connection to universal truth and knowing. The path of meditation establishes a strong foundation, a calm centre from within that helps you do whatever needs to be done during the course of your day.

“I have found that I have been given the power to understand to a growing extent the true nature of people, things and happenings around me. Most of us know that the life we lead and our understanding of it is so limited, biassed and distorted. Meditation is the door to truth.” – Company Director

Studies have shown that people who meditate become more efficient, focused, serene and successful. They enjoy a balanced and more positive mindset. Studies indicate that people who meditate daily, experience greater success in their relationships as well as professional lives because they are happily able to achieve more of their goals.

Scientific research into meditation has involved EEG’s, brain scans, blood and hormonal sampling. Detailed analysis has shown that meditation affects, in a positive way, your cardiovascular, cortical, hormonal and metabolic systems.

Psychological studies have shown many positive benefits on human behaviour such as improved mental health, greater emotional stability, decrease in anxiety and depression, empathy, improved memory and intelligence, more accurate sense of judgment as well as an increase in concentration and focus.

Physically, the research indicates that it can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, alleviate pain, boost energy, increase stamina as well as response time and coordination.

The research has shown that meditation is not a mystery or ‘new age’’. It has shown that to achieve a deep state of mediation you need a quiet environment, free from distraction. Mediation works best when you are in a comfortable position, or you won’t be able to relax into the process. Studies indicate that you need a ‘mental device’, which traditionally is called a mantra or prayer. This ‘mental device’, can also be a visualisation and hence why the ‘guided meditation ‘or ‘journey’, is so effective to awaken change as well as our intuitive superpowers.

The meditative state is very different from being high, asleep or even hypnotised. You move beyond the wide variety of stimuli that attract and distract you continuously. In meditation, you bring with intention and devotion, total focus and attention to only one thing, such as the breath, or mantra or visualisation. This then becomes like an anchor and sets off a signal in the brain to go within and relax. You often feel alert, yet relaxed.

“Before I meditated I thought I was happy. Now I know what being happy means, and this gives much deeper satisfaction. The practice of meditation has brought clarity and serenity to some of my actions.” – Housewife

Free Meditation Practice

It is important to create an intention at the beginning of each practice, to let go of any preconceived notions of what mediation is. This equally applies to both the beginner and most experienced of meditators.

Read through the instructions a few times so you don’t have to keep referring to them during meditation. This will be a distraction in itself.

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit.Allow the spine to be as straight as can be.
  • If you have injuries, you may wish to lie down. However, I recommend that you don’t lie down in bed where you associate that with sleep.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Sit or lie quietly for a few moments with your eyes open.
  • Take a few deep breaths and become aware of your body.
  • This in itself, is the beginning of meditation.
  • Gently allow your eyes to close.
  • Become aware of your breathing.
  • Allow any judgement, of any kind, to fall away.
  • Imagine your breathing is like a dance.
  • There is wisdom in your breath.
  • It knows where it is going.
  • Become aware of any pauses in between the breaths.
  • These pauses are the ‘stillpoints’.
  • Become aware of the natural rhythm of your breathing.
  • As thoughts or feelings arise, just allow the awareness to return to the observation of your breathing.
  • Imagine, sense or feel with every breath in a beautiful, very peaceful white light.
  • Allow this light to fill the body.
  • As you breathe out, allow the body to relax.
  • Continue in this way for the next five to ten minutes.
  • Then open your eyes.
  • Congratulate yourself on beginning your practice.

This is a very basic, simple and yet powerful beginning to meditation. It can be practised upon waking, going to sleep, before you get into the car, in the shower, before you begin work, at the end of an activity or when you are having a moment at any time during the day.

Your breath is a spiritual lighthouse that will empower you as well as guide you back into the present moment.

During my eighteen years as a doula, my mantra that came from my own four prolific natural births was, ‘Your breath is more powerful than the contractions.’ For me professionally as well as personally, this mantra is integral to navigating the sweet spots as well as the complexity of the human experience.

Every emotion and thought form is like a contraction or a wave that needs to be surfed, so you don’t drown with overwhelm. Especially when you are sensitive in nature.

Meditation is a powerful way to manage life’s little ups and downs as well as to bring you right back into the moment. Whenever you feel distracted, simply bring your awareness back to your breathing.

The act of beginning again and again, is essential to the art of meditation and life in general. The power to begin again and again is what builds our resilience and enhances our capacity to actively participate and achieve greatness in our own life.

You are welcome to join my new mediation classes. Due to all the COVID restrictions, I will be running them online on Zoom.

You will learn how to awaken your intuitive superpowers and accelerate your spiritual growth.

The weekly meditation classes will activate your psychic and spiritual gifts as well as provide guided processes that will have you meditating deeper than a monk.


Date: Tuesday, 27 July 2021
Time: 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Cost: $25 a class or $85 for a month.


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Rebekah has been meditating for over 30 years for professional as well as personal development.

She has been teaching meditation for 21 years.

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