Gratitude for Empaths

July 14, 2021 0 By Rebekah Fisher

The practice of gratitude for empaths can be empowering. Being able to give thanks instantly shifts the focus off, the negative and overwhelming feelings. Giving thanks in this way, shifts will shift your perspective. Empaths often get bogged down in their emotions as well as the pain and suffering of others. Particularly as an empath, your relationship with other people are often what determines your happiness. 

As an empath myself, the practice of gratitude is  essential for my emotional wellbeing. It is also integral to my professional life and the sacred space that I hold for my clients. I have been practising gratitude consciously for nearly twenty years. I prayed for the strength to overcome great adversity, through a dark and painful time in my life and gratitude was the answer to that prayer.

Gratitude transformed by despair, pain and confusion into courage, confidence and resilience. I gave thanks to the money in my bank account that allowed me to pay my bills, regardless of living week to week at the time. With gratitude I welcomed in the hundreds of clients that I had envisioned and now have been blessed with. I gave thanks to the incredible soul connections that I was creating and have experienced.

It is with gratitude that I welcome in the benevolent and divine energies of the universe to provide comfort, safety, healing and guidance. It is with gratitude that I never take my connection to Spirit for granted. The capacity for gratitude is infinite. The practice in and of itself, cultivates devotion. When you are in a devoted state of awareness, you feel aligned, with a great and deep sense of purpose.

When you adopt a consistent practice of gratitude, you begin to acknowledge the goodness in your life. It will help you to naturally manifest your hearts deepest desires with ease and grace. 

Gratitude will help you to feel more at peace with what your are experiencing. It will also create a balanced mindset as you  deal with adversity. 

Being and showing gratitude helps to strengthen your personal as well as professional relationships.

The benefits when you regularly take the time to notice and reflect upon the experiences that you are thankful for are:

  • Positive emotions.
  • Feel more alive.
  • Emotional presence.
  • Sleep better.
  • Feel connected.
  • Confidence.
  • Increase in self-esteem.
  • Have more compassion.

Science and psychological research has  shown that in keeping a gratitude journal it significantly will increase your feelings of satisfaction and over-all wellbeing in life. When you are journaling your consciousness is in a state of flow. You are able to get more in touch with your feelings.  Writing will also help you to express yourself in ways that also go beyond what you are grateful for. 

Be specific when you write down what you are grateful for. Don’t judge yourself as you write. It doesn’t matter how small or big the experience that you are giving thanks for. It could be as simple as being grateful for the sun shining that day or as detailed as how good it felt when your partner put a load of washing on to support you. 

Enjoy the process of writing and getting to know yourself. It can really assist you to regulate your emotions. It is also a safe space to share thoughts and feelings, rather than sharing with people who simply don’t understand the depth of your feelings. For this reason, I am truly grateful for my own gratitude journals over the years.