Two of Swords Tarot

November 15, 2000 0 By Rebekah Fisher

This card traditionally can represent internal conflict and the need to make a difficult decision. It can reflect a state of tension, polarisation or paralysis.

Be mindful of acting of resentment with a loved one. You may be caught or the person you are thinking about, in a stalemate, power struggle or hostile arguments.

Someone maybe refusing to face the consequences of their actions or running away from conflict. Hence there can also be procrastination or avoidance.

The challenge is painful, so your heart may well be closing as you adopt or the person you may be concerned about, a defensive position.

Denial can also keep one from moving forward. Blaming the other or having an expectation of the other to change also negates moving forward.

I also personally see this card as one of trust. It is a message to put down the sword and find a creative solution to the conflict, whether that is within your own being or with another.

Swords represents the mental plane in the tarot. This card also guides one to open the heart and stop rationalising your emotions away. It’s about balancing the thinking mind with the feeling heart.

Find the middle road today, look at ways within which to simultaneously honour your values as well as your boundaries.

We are not our mind, nor are we our emotions. Emotions and feelings for me are like the contractions women experience in labour. Allow them to rise and fall with awareness as you sink deeper into your personal power. Connect to your resilience and inner strength. Trust that you have the resources and intelligence to resolve the conflict or challenge that you are facing.

I hope this has helped someone today.